what is Chrome dev tool

Chrome dev tool is a tool come with Chrome. Like Firebug For get started with Chrome Dev tool, open a website for example dev91.com and press F12

Chrome dev tool

Here is a tool

In element tool, you can play with With HTML kind of things. In console you can run JavaScript on same page. In source you can put your breakpoints. The execution of code stop at breakpoint and it help you know what’s going on your page. I am a C# Developer¬† and one thing I like about it is, when you add namespace in C#, VS tell you to restart, you need to recompile things when you change a lambada expression in your code. In Chrome dev tool you don’t need to recompile anything. when you modify your source code, it just restart from that block.

Can I edit my JavaScript File in Browser

Yes, Off-course, go to source in left side go to File System Tab. add the folder and you will seen the green dot on css file. Now when you modify the css file it simply save the file in filesystem.

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